How is ShadowTrader Squawkbox different from other chatroom type services on the web?

Most website chatrooms are text based as opposed to live audio like ShadowTrader. With our live, interactive, fm quality radio broadcast, our moderators are able to transmit much more relevant and timely market information as it happens than would ever be possible in a text based chatroom. With market profile and pivot levels, analyst calls (upgrades/downgrades), real time analysis of market internals to gauge market direction all day everyday, trade ideas called live as they happen for intraday, position (swing), and options traders, economic and corporate news reports, detailed pre and post market analysis including gap up and gap down plays, frequent guest speakers, and online seminars, ShadowTrader simply offers more than any other service on the web today.

Can I get ShadowTrader with any broker or only TD Ameritrade?

You can only listen to the broadcast through the thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade platform. The Swing Trader, FX Trader, and Pairs Trader newsletters can be accessed by anyone for free on MyTrade, regardless of what broker you use. ShadowTrader does not offer a subscription based model for customers of other brokerages.

I’m confused by some of the lingo used by the moderators on the channel.

There is a glossary of our commonly used terms here.

Is the focus of ShadowTrader services intraday (daytrading), or swing trading?

Both. ShadowTrader’s live broadcast transmits live daytrading calls in real time for its active, intraday traders and also delivers swingtrading calls intermittently during the day. Although there is no set schedule as to when longer term trade ideas are discussed on the broadcast, followers with a longer timeframe can use the Swing, Pairs, and FX Trader newsletters to get an average of 2-5 plays per day with defined stop, defined entry, and defined exit.

I am logged in but am not hearing audio?

ShadowTraderPro may be offline for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours during the mid part of the trading day if there is no mid-day guest speaker or seminar scheduled that particular day. If there is a break during regularly scheduled programming and you hear the music then you are successfully logged on. Always scroll up through the chat window to see the last comments by users. If ShadowTrader is offline at the moment it will say so in the chat window.

If you are logged in properly and are sure that ShadowTrader is currently online but are still not hearing the broadcast then the problem could be a hardware issue on your end. Check your speaker and soundcard connections before proceeding.

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