FX Trader

U.S. equities attempted to hit new highs today but came up short. We saw oil spike to previous resistance and saw gold prices fall. The dollar was able to maintain in spite of the spike in crude and rising equities.

The EUR/USD attempted a rally but fell back o only close up slightly for the day. We will continue to watch to see if this is the area of new resistance or if we see a lower high closer to 1.13 or not

The USD/CAD remained fairly rangebound in spite of the large spike in oil prices. If we see a drop in oil then we will likely see our trade go up quickly.

The EUR/CAD held at our entry point. Price did try to climb and so we are watching for price to push higher now. We are not moving our stop anymore as we are at support and we ned to leave some room for volatility.

The CHF/JPY rolled over and looks like it is going to head back down toward the trend line that we have been watching for a bullish entry. We will continue to wait.