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(Xcel Energy – CMS Energy) Well Folks! With “XEL-CMS” basically out of the wooods now, I expect to see the pair offer a short entry at the top of the channel any time now. However, let’s keep in mind that “CMS” goes ex-div $0.29 on 8/05. As most of you know, this is one of our old favourites, “Drinking Iced-Tead & Lemonade On A Sunday Afternoon Strolling Along The 10 SMA”.. ; )

Thank You To Everyone Who Attended Our Pairs Hour Show!..& A Big Thanks! for all of you who brought new fruit in your baskets of pairs..(leon – slb-hal, x-stld, ttwo-ea), (swb – eog-apc), (webramp – xel-cms).. ; )

TOS, has us back in business with importing our pairs from our Bonus Excel Sheet & Now We’ve Added A New Feature To Trade Our Pairs Using Both The Spread Value & The (PPL) Position Price Level With Daily Target & Stops!.. ; )

“Ninja Pairs” none These trades are self directed trades strictly managed by you the individual trader, and “Ninja Pair Trades” are not tracked in our “Pairs Portfolio”…

Don’t forget to request your starter kit from Tom by emailing You can also check out pairs trading videos in our YouTube channel here.

For any questions, comments or new ideas, please email me at Friday & Wishing Everyone A Safe & Happy Weekend With Family & Friends!.. ; )