Pairs Trader

(Pinnacle Foods, Inc – ConAgra Foods, Inc) Sometimes its nice to look at various industries for pairs. “CAG” caught my eye this week, and I decided to go out there and find another company that makes sense for the pairing. Notice how this pair has excellent correlation of 0.97+. With this pair, I feel that “CAG” is overbought, and should be due for a correction, as it would be our short stock in our long pair. Let’s put this in as our possible new “Ninja Trade”.. ; )

TOS, has us back in business with importing our pairs from our Bonus Excel Sheet & Now We’ve Added A New Feature To Trade Our Pairs Using Both The Spread Value & The (PPL) Position Price Level With Daily Target & Stops!.. ; )

“Ninja Pairs” PF-CAG Look to go long around the $2.00 spread value.. These trades are self directed trades strictly managed by you the individual trader, and “Ninja Pair Trades” are not tracked in our “Pairs Portfolio”…

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For any questions, comments or new ideas, please email me at Thursday & Looking Forward To Seeing Everyone At The Show! ; )