Pairs Trader

(KeyCorp, Inc – Regions Financial ) We talked about this pair in Thursday’s Pairs Hour Show! Im expecting to see the pair push up to the $5.00 recent resistance, and give us a nice short entry there. This could get interesting, “KEY-RF” and “FHN-RF” have a common stock. The great news is, “RF” will be bought long for each pair, as we expect to be shorting both of our pairs. Friday, here we come.. ; )

Thank You to everyone who attended our Pairs Hour Show!.. Special Thanks to those of you who brought new fruit in your baskets..(tradermav – unh-aet), (on-its, /6n-/6a).. ; )

“Ninja Pairs” No New Pair These trades are self directed trades strictly managed by you the individual trader, and “Ninja Pair Trades” are not tracked in our “Pairs Portfolio”…

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For any questions, comments or new ideas, please email me at Friday & Wishing Everyone A Safe & Happy Weekend With Family & Friends!..; )