ShadowTrader SquawkBox FAQ

How do I setup the market internals “quad” screen?
1. Go to
2. Click on Archives Tab
-Select education from the drop down list, or click the little graduate icon on the page.
3. Scroll down to Video Series and find “How to Set Up Market Internals.”
4. If unfamiliar with how to “read” the quad, watch “How to Interpret Market Internals”, parts I and II.

How do I get the value areas on my /ES chart with the VAH-VAL-POC cloud?
1. Click on this to download the zip file of the thinkscripts to your computer.
2. When prompted to open or save, choose save.
3. Save the .zip file to your computer desktop or MyDocuments or wherever you’ll be able to find it easily.
4. Unzip the folder. You can do this by right clicking the file and choosing “extract all” or “7zip” in the drop down. This will leave you with a regular folder called “thinkscripts” Inside will be two STUDY.ts files, one for the breadth bubbles and another for the value area cloud and pivots.
5. On your thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade platform, open the chart where you would like to have the value area bubble displayed, and click on Studies.
6. Choose Edit Studies from the drop down.
7. In the lower left corner of the screen that pops up, click Import.
8. Choose the valuearea_pivotsSTUDY.ts file in the thinkscripts folder and click open.
9. The study will now be in the list of available studies on the left at the bottom of the list.
10. Select it from the list and click the “Add Study” button. The study will appear on the right side under Studies on Upper Subgraph.
11. Enter in your VAH, VAL, POC, and the pivot point from the ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader Report into the Inputs area.
12. You can choose to turn on or off certain pivot levels, Opening Range Breakouts, or enter VPOC’s here, as well as customize the time that the VA plot starts. Use the scroll bar on the right edge to see all the different choices of customization. You can always click Apply after making any single change to see how it affects the chart immediately.
13. In the Plots section below you can customize what colors and line style you would like any of the levels to be.
14. When finished, click Apply and OK. You can always come back to this screen whenever you like to change any parameters or inputs. You will have to manually change the value area data and the pivot point each day in order to have the proper levels. Do this in the morning, as the script does not work after hours.
15. Once back on your chart, open the Chart Settings box by clicking on the little wrench icon at the top. Under the Price Axis tab, uncheck the Fit Studies box. This solves the problem of sometimes having all of your charts scrunch up at the top of the screen if you switch off of /ES.

If I’m having trouble importing the files from the, can I just cut and paste the code from somewhere else?
Yes! Both thinkscripts are here in the ShadowTrader Forum. Copy any scripts from the forum and follow these instructions:
1. Open chart, click on Studies, then click New in lower left.
2. When the box pops up, go into the thinkScript Editor and delete any code that you see there. It should say “plot Data = close;”. Highlight that first line and delete it.
3. Paste the code you copied from the ShadowTrader Forum into the box.
4. At the top where it says Study Name, name your study. Value Area, Breadth, whatever corresponds to the study you are creating.
5. Click OK
6. The created study will appear on the right side in your Added Studies and Strategies.

Where do I get the value areas and pivot points every morning?
1. Go to the Tools tab on your thinkorswim platform, or
2. Click on the MyTrade tab
3. Log in with your thinkorswim username and password
4. Click on the People tab
5. If not already following ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader, click follow.
6. Click on ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader
Inside of every issue, scroll down to section called “Under the Hood”. Value areas for the /ES and ShadowTrader Pivot Points will be listed there for the current trading day.

How do I get the NYSE and Nasdaq breadth boxes in the upper left chart of quad?
1. If you have not already done so, follow steps 1-4 in the value areas question above to download the thinkscripts to your computer.
2. With your breadth chart ($UVOL-$DVOL) open, click on studies.
3. In the lower left corner of the screen that pops up, click Import.
4. Choose the breadthSTUDY.ts file in the thinkscripts folder and click open.
5. The study will now appear in the list of available studies on the left at the bottom of the list.
6. Select it from the list and click the “Add Study” button. Click Apply and OK.

What is the formula for ShadowTrader Pivot Points?
The formula is available in the glossary section at Just click the glossary tab above and scroll down to Pivot Points

I have tried to calculate the pivots on my own, but I often get values slightly different from ShadowTrader.
This is probably due to the fact that you are using 24hour data for your High and Low and possibly the wrong closing value. ShadowTrader pivots are calculated using the high and low of the equity trading
hours only (9:30am – 4:00pm), and the closing value is derived from the settlement value from the CME. Most pivot calculations use 24hour data.

I hear the ShadowTrader moderator announcing that an alert has been sent for one of the ShadowTraderPro Advisories. How can I get these alerts in real-time?
To receive alerts for ShadowTrader Pro Swing Trader, text “follow st_swing” (without the quotes) to 40404 on your cell phone.
To receive alerts for ShadowTrader Pro FX Trader, text “follow st_fx” (without the quotes) to 40404 on
your cell phone.
To receive alerts for ShadowTrader Pro Pairs Trader, text “follow st_pairs” (without the quotes) to 40404 on your cell phone.
To receive alerts for ShadowTrader Weekend Update, text “follow st_weekend” (without the quotes) to 40404 on your cell phone.
**No twitter account is necessary to receive these alerts.**
**To stop the alerts, text “off st_swing” or “off st_fx” or “off st_pairs” or “off st_weekend” (without the quotes) to 40404.

What moving averages does ShadowTrader use on their charts?
We use the simple 20, 50, and 200 period moving averages. The 20 is always in green, the 50 is red, and the 200 is blue.

I hear ShadowTrader talking on the show, but I don’t see video.
Inside of the Support/Chat box, click on the button in lower right that says “Watch”. This will work on funded TOS/TD accounts only. If you are listening through PaperMoney, it will say “No screenshows are
being broadcasted at this moment”. Video is available only for funded accounts.

How can I see the video during 2-3pm EST when Brad and Peter are on tastytrade?
Between 2 and 3pm EST, you will still hear audio through your squawkbox as normal, however Brad and Peter are doing ShadowTrader Uncovered on the tastytrade network during this time. To see the visuals of this program you will need to watch tastytrade either on the web or through your thinkorswim platform. On your thinkorswim platform, simply click “Trader TV” in your list of gadgets on the left panel and select “tastytrade”.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

If you do not see Trader TV as one of the gadget choices, click any of the bullet point buttons (shown in the yellow box above) and select “switch gadget. Choose Trader TV from the list of gadgets and it will now appear on your left pane. If you prefer to view the program on the web, go to

Where can I find the Core Sector List?
Go to the ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader which is free on MyTrade under the tools tab of your TOS platform OR, at Inside of the newsletter, scroll down to the “Sector Trend Score
Matrix”. The core sector list is comprised of all of those 25 sectors. The list is also under our glossary section at Additionally, you can go to the the MarketWatch tab of your thinkorswim platform and click on the little gear in the box in the upper right. From the drop down, select public and then mouse down to “ShadowTrader Core Sectors”. A list and heatmap of the sectors will appear.

What is Peter’s recipe for hummus?
One can organic chick peas
Juice of one lemon
1/3 cup of tahini
1/3 cup of water
One or two cloves of garlic
Dash of cumin
Half teaspoon of lemon pepper (optional)
Put all into blender and blend until creamy smooth.

Are the trades that are called live in the SquawkBox posted anywhere?
No, due to compliance reasons they are not. You must simply pay close attention. The moderators will update consistently on any trades that they are involved with.

How do I receive the WeekendUpdate and Peter’s video
Sign up in the box on the left side of the homepage at You will then receive an email every Sunday with a link to the latest issue which contains the video. If for some reason you do not receive the email, remember that each and every issue is always archived immediately when it’s posted in our archives page.

Where can I get the “10 Laws of Daytrading”?
The .pdf is posted here: 10 Laws of Daytrading.pdf

I don’t like the music they play over lunch break
If listening through gadgets, click the little blue square which will shut off the audio. If listening through the Support/Chat tab, either close the watch window or uncheck the listen button.

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